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Homeowners and business owners alike have always wanted to save money wherever possible. While this is an understandable attitude, it is important that you never skimp on certain essential services. By seeking out heating maintenance in Conshohocken, you can keep your dedicated heater working efficiently and reliably for years to come. Since programs for heating maintenance in Conshohocken are the number one way of saving money, you can enjoy lower utility bills in no time at all, simply by speaking to Carl J. Wendler Heating & Cooling.

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What You Can Expect During a Heater Maintenance Tune-Up 

There are a lot of steps involved in maintaining your heater, all of which require a lot of attention to detail. By hiring professionals to take charge of this comprehensive process, you will keep your heater lasting longer than ever. 

Some of the most essential elements of heater maintenance include:

  • Cleaning out or replacing your filter – Your heater’s filter is critical in ensuring the whole system is working properly. Usually located at the point of the returning duct, it is for catching all the undesirable bits of dust, pollen, hair, mold spores, pet dander, and other particulates. If your filter is dirty and clogged, the rest of the heater will not be able to access the amount of airflow that it needs. Soon, your system will not only be running less efficiently but it can begin causing the other parts to break down from working extra hard.
  • Testing the functionality of the blower motor – For all the warm air created by your heater to circulate around your house or business, you need a special fan to create airflow. Your heater’s blower motor plays this essential role, pushing it into the heat exchanger where it will then be distributed. If the blower motor shaft has come loose or the blower motor wheel is grinding incorrectly, it must be repaired before it causes the rest of the system to deteriorate.
  • Checking the health of your heater’s ductwork and vents – These parts of your system work day and night to distribute warmed air in every room. This means they naturally encounter a lot of debris, ranging from dander flakes to pollen and dust. Without regular maintenance, leaky ducts and dirty vents will inevitably redirect these pollutants into your lungs.

How Often Should a Heating System Be Serviced?

Regular servicing of a heating system should be done at least once a year, especially those those that use their system frequently. By doing regular maintenance and checking, your heater will run more efficiently and last longer, as well as avoid any safety hazards like gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. During the service appointment, a qualified technician will check the unit’s connections, clean the air filters and blower components, check for any potential problems, and diagnose any issues that could be causing your system to run inefficiently. They may also recommend a tune-up or additional services to ensure optimal performance from your heating system.

We also recommended that you change your filter regularly - this should be done every three months or so to help keep your system running smoothly. Keeping up with heating maintenance can save you money in the long run, as it helps prevent costly repairs down the road and improves the efficiency of the system.

Why Maintenance Saves You Money

Many people are tempted to go without maintenance for their HVAC systems because they are afraid that it will cost too much money. The reality is, however, that scheduling maintenance will save costs overall. If you arrange for regular checkups, your heating specialists will be able to examine every aspect of the unit to check whether a part has come loose or needs to be cleaned. This will increase your system’s lifespan, preventing it from requiring repeated repairs or costly replacements. If you are interested in learning more about what our affordable checkups entail, speak to Carl J. Wendler Heating & Cooling.

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