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Everything you own that has value is going to require some level of maintenance from time to time. It is only logical that your air conditioner, which must work so hard to produce cool air throughout the sweltering summers, is also going to need thorough tune-ups. If you are looking for trustworthy AC maintenance in Conshohocken, speak to our experts at Carl J. Wendler Heating & Cooling.

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How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

It can often be a bit tricky trying to figure out how many times a year you should seek out maintenance on your air conditioner. In general, many HVAC companies suggest that one time is enough to do the trick. However, the exact number of required tune-ups depends on the environment both outside and inside your home. If you live in an area lined with a lot of trees that spread copious amounts of pollen, or your urban environment is prone to dust and debris from construction, all those particles will find a way into your house. If you cannot remember when you last had an appointment for maintenance, you should consider reaching out to a technician right away.

What Are the Benefits of AC Maintenance?

The most obvious benefit of having your AC serviced regularly is that it will perform much more optimally. Recent studies have demonstrated that if you schedule frequent tune-ups, your AC can retain 95 to 97% of its original performance levels. This is just one advantage, however. 

Other key benefits that you will reap from seeking out routine checkups include:

  • Improved energy efficiency– When your air filters, compressor, condenser coils, and other parts are dirty or clogged, they will not function well. Even if one piece is not operating as well as it could, this causes the whole system to work harder, using up more electricity. Avoid expensive utility bills by regular checkups.
  • A longer lifespan – In the same way that regular checkups help your car stay intact, dedicated tune-ups keep your AC system working properly. Of course, no air conditioner lasts forever. However, scheduling some devoted TLC from time to time will ensure that your model survives for the extension of its lifespan, instead of succumbing to early expiration. 
  • Better indoor air quality – Air conditioners that receive proper maintenance will have clean filters. Making sure that the filters are not collecting an excess of dust and debris will keep your family’s health optimal, without the side effects of indoor air pollution.

Our dedicated techs at Carl J. Wendler Heating & Cooling are more than happy to help you get started with our thorough tune-up programs.

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