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Anyone who owns or manages a residential or commercial property knows that having an air conditioner fail right in the middle of summer can create absolute chaos, especially if you have a lot of people over. 

When this occurs, you are going to need dependable Conshohocken AC repair, so speak to Carl J. Wendler Heating & Cooling as quickly as possible.

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What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks

Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid AC emergencies.

While annual air conditioner maintenance is beneficial, it is often a good idea to invest in a couple of checkups spread throughout the year. Frequent checkups can prevent contaminants like dust and debris from clogging up your air conditioner and causing your system to break down more quickly.

However, even the most well-maintained systems can sometimes break down, and your air conditioner may still experience faults from time to time. The key is to know how to respond as soon as you see the warning signs that your valuable AC is having trouble. 

It is high time to speak to a technician about your air conditioner’s difficulties if you ever notice:

  • Unpleasant odors like burning metal or melted plastic whenever you run the AC
  • The inability to distribute cool air evenly to every room in your house 
  • Unusual sounds emitted from the unit, ranging from crackling to clattering, groaning to whirring 
  • A frozen condenser piece or ice crystals in the vents
  • A pool of water leaking at the bottom of the unit or droplets condensing within the system’s vents
  • An extremely low level of airflow, or the absence of air altogether 
  • Warm air flowing from the vents rather than fresh cool air

Why Is My Air Conditioner’s Condenser Freezing Up?

Have you ever noticed a strange phenomenon where your air conditioner appears to be frozen but is not circulating cool air?

Even though your AC seems to be too cold, this is not the case. Instead, there are a few issues that could be occurring. 

One of the most common is that your system does not have enough refrigerant. Without an adequate supply of refrigerant, the pressure in the unit will suddenly go down. This simultaneously causes the temperature to drop in the coils, and they can freeze over. 

Yet another reason would be a poor amount of airflow. If the vents and filters become very clogged with dust, dirt, pollen, and dander, they will prevent air from circulating properly. The resulting moisture will then freeze, preventing your AC from producing fresh, cool air. 

Regardless of the reason for your system’s malfunction, our experienced air conditioner repair techs at Carl J. Wendler Heating & Cooling are ready to step in.

Get in touch with us today at 610-834-0614 or reach out to our knowledgeable professionals online to learn more about thorough Conshohocken AC repair.

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